Naturally committed

Naturally committed

A pioneering environmental approach

Because nature gives us reason

An awareness of social and environmental concerns has always been high on the agenda for the Cave de Turckheim winegrowers. We are committed to an economically sustainable approach where conservation of the natural environment and our heritage are paramount.

Naturally committed

Conserving Our Heritage

Agri Confiance®: responsible winegrowers

The winegrowers of the Cave de Turckheim were among the first French winegrowers to practice integrated agriculture, an approach which combines the best of modern tools and technologies with traditional practices, lowering the consumption of energy and other resources, reducing environmental pollution, conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainability. In 2014 all of the vineyard members of the Cooperative obtained Agri Confiance® volet vert (green section) certification.

In 2011 we adopted a systematic approach for all of our vineyards, managed by Agri Confiance® (the professional organisation for French agricultural and agri-food cooperatives that was created in 1992 by Coop de France). During an initial phase, we obtained the level NFV01-005, confirming our compliance with a production management system where winegrowing practices are monitored through auditing. This testifies to our winegrowers’ commitment to constantly improving quality and performance. In 2013 a further step was taken. 16 of our member vineyards attained the environmental standard NF V01-007, a norm that outlines the role and the impact of winegrowers in their social and agricultural context. Taking into account landscape, neighbours, hedges and trees are all small but significant actions for preserving the natural environment.

In 2014 all of the vineyard members of the Cooperative obtained the standard Agri Confiance® volet vert (green section), a certification renewable every three years with annual audits. In April 2015 our winegrowers obtained Level 2 certification in the standard High Environmental Value, a standard established in the wake of the Grenelle de l’Environnement (French environmental pact).

Jean Michel Wisson – Chairman


Green fingers

Organic winegrowing

In 2008 a number of our winegrowers decided to commit to the rigorous standards of organic viticulture. Around 30 hectares of vines are now cultivated organically, having obtained organic certification in 2011. These winegrowers have revived ancestral practices, tilling the soil and undertaking work that facilitates the elimination of weeds and the combat against the two major diseases: powdery mildew which is tackled with sulphur and mildew which is treated with copper sulphate. Natural fertilisers are also used (nettle, horsetail, comfrey and dandelion), fortifying the vines and increasing their natural resistance. Organic winegrowers meticulously observe their vines, enabling them to intervene in the right place and at the right time, rather than treating the plants systematically.


Creating a sustainable future

A responsible stakeholder in the local economy, we act on a daily basis

Our commitment to the environment extends to the winery where we strive to conserve natural resources. Sorting our waste for recycling, reducing our carbon footprint, using solar panels, and preventing pollution are just some examples of how environmental considerations are present in every aspect of our daily work. Committed to both the environment and our customers, our winery also plays an important role in the local economy.